RIBES (Barcelona 1967), I am a visual artist specialized in Digital Pictorial Art or creation of pictorial artworks with computer. My first works created with this technique date back to 1997, so I consider myself a precursor. Digital Pictorial Art has not yet been catalogued as such, since it does not respond to the formal description of digital painting, photography or illustration, besides, it is not among the current typologies of digital art.

I create digital artwork at high resolutions, then I transform them into medium and large format paintings, luxurious objects made using exclusively the best art printing technologies of the moment. On this website you can also find limited editions of my works in more accessible formats and prices.

I use digital devices, drawings, photographs, appropriate images, scans of objects, materials or people, screen copies, programming code, painting on scanners, old digital files… From the blank digital canvas I develop the theme, applying all my knowledge, analog and digital: drawing, painting, collage, photomontage, screen printing, glitch imitation, digital filters, pixelation… as well as the history of art in all its forms and styles.

I develop contemporary themes such as planned obsolescence, technological memory, the death of contemplation, analogical oblivion, the internet and sex and appropriation, as well as death or immortality in art, universal themes implicit in most of my works.

I am interested in contributing to the development of art, that is why I never take the easy way. I experiment new artistic possibilities from an immaterial work, studying controversial aspects such as its conservation, reproduction, maintenance, value or exclusivity.



Ribes Artista


Email / art@lluisgarciaribes.com

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